Shop for scaffold tool belts, lanyards, bags, gloves, tethers and more...

Shop the range of scaffold tools and drop prevention products. Designed specifically for construction workers, GRIPPS products will keep your tools secure, without restricting movement.
  • Tool Belts & Kits
    Tool Belts & Kits

    Scaffolders belts and accessories, tether kits, holsters and tool belts.

  • Tools & Attachments
    Tools & Attachments

    Scaffold Keys, Spanners, Hammers, Rachets, rated tool catches & tether points.

  • Lanyards & Tethers
    Lanyards & Tethers

    Bungee Tethers, Coil Tethers, Layyards, Cable and Grapple Retractors.

  • Gloves & Wristbands
    Gloves & Wristbands

    Purpose designed for use when working at height with tools and equipment.

  • Tool Holsters & Bags
    Tool Holsters & Bags

    Pouches, holsters and bags to secure and safely tether tools, when used at height.

  • Safety & Accessories
    Safety & Accessories

    Staff caps, sole plates, hazard covers and scaffold tag systems.

  • Full Product Range
    Full Product Range

    Shop our range of Scaffold Tools and GRIPPS products, including tool belts, lanyards, drop-guard safe buckets, scaffold bags, wristbands, anchors and more...

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