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    Scaffold Belt - 5 Tools

    With 5 Tethered Holsters & Tools

    This kit is engineered to provide the best value option for a fully tethered scaffold kit and is fully certified.

    Kit complete with 5 quality tools and features:
     – Premium quality STOP the DROPS belt and 5 Holsters;
     – All tether points are fully certified and load rated.

    Product Specifications:
    • 21 x 24mm Ratchet, 
    • ½ Scaffold Key, 
    • Stabila Level, 
    • Podge Hammer, 
    • Stag Tape Measure
    • STOP the DROPS Certified bungee; and 
    • Coil Tethers

    • $769.00
    • Price shown excludes GST and shipping Costs ($14.90 per total order).
    • Code Ref: K02026
    • In stock: Yes
    • Brand: GRIPPS
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